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A Bathing Ape Pop-Up Space, Taikoohui Guangzhou China.

SDD24/14_05: The BAPE® pop-up at Guangzhou Taikoohui offers a captivating futuristic design experience, drawing inspiration from the concept of Noah's Ark and seamlessly blending modern science fiction aesthetics.

This remarkable space evokes the image of a colossal ship gracefully docking on the MU-covered bridge of the shopping destination, transporting visitors into a realm of mystery and distant futurism.

The store's elliptical arc-shaped outer wall, meticulously crafted from transparent glass and frosted high mirror stainless steel adorned with sleek white camouflage, infuses the environment with a luxurious yet street-inspired ambiance, perfectly marrying minimalist science fiction elements.

With the addition of bright, soft natural lighting effects facilitated by white track lights and transparent glass ceilings, the immersive journey through time and space is intensified, promising an unparalleled retail experience for all who step inside.

Pictures courtesy of A Bathing Ape.



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