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Burberry 'Knight Blue' Harrods Takeover, Knightsbridge London.

SDD24/05_05: Burberry has embarked on a captivating transformation of the prestigious luxury department store, Harrods, in a celebration of the brand's rich heritage of exploration and adventure.

The exterior takeover involves a creative reinterpretation of Harrods' iconic awnings, transformed into tent canopies adorned with the seasonal Burberry Check, whilst the exterior comes alive with the radiant glow of Burberry's signature 'knight blue'.

Welcoming visitors are Harrods doormen clad in specially crafted Burberry uniforms. Once inside, guests can explore a curated capsule collection featuring over 40 distinct Burberry pieces and immerse themselves in the Burberry Camping Corner, showcasing classic British hiking accessories.

It's a unique and immersive experience, bringing together fashion and exploration in the heart of one of the world's most renowned department stores.

Pictures courtesy of Burberry / TDM.Space -



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