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Louis Vuitton Men's Wear Spring / Summer Pop-up Concept Store, Bridges Street, Hong Kong.

SDD24/02_04: Embark on an immersive journey with Louis Vuitton's new pop-up store in Hong Kong's lively Soho District. Fresh from Pharrell Williams's 2024 Pre-Fall Series show, it introduces consumers to the dynamic 2024 spring and summer men's wear series-themed world of "The Sun."

Visitors can step into a mini city clad in the iconic Damier pattern's golden glow and the historic charm of Pont Neuf whilst exploring dedicated areas, an outdoor cafe, and a captivating video display of the men's collection fashion show.

The brand's evolution is evident through the new "LVERS" logo that adorns the exterior, whilst inside houses exclusive fashion, accessories, and limited-time offerings, marking this pop-up space as a must-visit destination to discover the essence of Louis Vuitton's ever-evolving style.

Pictures courtesy of Louis Vuitton.



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