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Tiffany & Co Store Facade, Taikoo-Li Qiantan Shanghai China by MVRDV.

SDD24/27_05: Tiffany & Co.’s store in Shanghai’s Taikoo-Li Qiantan retail development features a striking façade made of 6,988 handcrafted glass “diamonds,” reflecting the brand’s iconic jewelry designs.

By day, these diamonds shimmer with reflected and refracted light, while at night, LED lighting illuminates the façade in an array of colours, including the signature Tiffany Blue®.

Located centrally in Taikoo Li Qiantan, a luxury retail hub completed in 2021, the design by MVRDV stands out with its bold simplicity.

Each 21 cm by 13 cm glass diamond, weighing 1.5 kg, is suspended on thin, mirrored steel cables, ensuring stability and a dazzling visual effect.

The façade, which can be completely dismantled and reused, embodies Tiffany’s heritage through innovative materiality and captivating three-dimensionality, drawing inspiration from Shanghai’s vibrant skyline.

This design continues MVRDV’s approach, previously showcased at Tiffany’s Changi Airport store, celebrating the brand’s identity and history through meticulous detail and sustainable practices.

Pictures courtesy of Tiffany & Co. / Wen Studio



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