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Zara Pop-Up Cafe Station, Tower of Piraeus Athens by Wozere Studio.

SDD24/21_04: Zara has expanded its presence to Athens with a new store in the iconic Tower of Piraeus, Greece's second tallest building. To celebrate the opening, Zara collaborated with Madrid-based Wozere Studio to create an extraordinary pop-up coffee station.

Although it only lasted two days, the pop-up was meticulously crafted to reflect Athens' local culture. Wozere Studio designed a fresh, modern space with simple, clean furnishings and thoughtful details that enhanced the atmosphere.

Guests enjoyed a variety of coffees, traditional Greek dishes, and sesame cakes, creating a rich sensory experience. Additionally, a modern booth outside the store extended the design and decoration theme, making the opening event a memorable celebration of style and culture.

Pictures courtesy of Wozere Studio.



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