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SDD#7_July2023 Hardcopy

A beautifully printed softcover photo book of 68 inner 170 gsm pages delivered to your door.


Discover all of July's captivating content with our latest edition of curated gems from the past month's Shop Drop Daily shares.


Immerse yourself in a handpicked selection of the most innovative and inspiring brand experiences showcasing the best that the global retail industry has to offer. 


Whether you're a seeker of IRL inspiration this edition offers a journey through the most compelling narratives and ideas from across the world as well as an interview with industry influencer Tim Nash.


Size 21 x 28cm / 8" x 11"


Price inclusive of economy delivery (4-9 business days).


Please note this product can only be shipped to the following locations: UK / EUROPE (inc Scandinavia) / CANADA / USA / AUSTRALIA / NEW ZEALAND (should you wish to purchase outside of these locations please email us at

SDD#7_July2023 Hardcopy

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