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Balenciaga 'Art In Stores' Andrew J. Greene Window Installation, Milan Montenapoleone.

SDD24/16_04: Balenciaga's "Encounter Art" initiative seamlessly intertwines the realms of fashion and art, joining forces with American artist Andrew J. Greene to unveil eight stunning pieces from Greene's esteemed Timeless Symbols series. These works ingeniously reinterpret Balenciaga's signature trompe l'oeil technique, blending everyday objects with sleek stainless steel poles to craft mesmerising sculptures.

Initially showcased at the prestigious 2024 Milan Furniture Fair and the esteemed Balenciaga Montenapoleone boutique, these captivating pieces will then embark on an extensive global tour, gracing various Balenciaga stores worldwide with their presence.

Greene's visionary creations, characterized by their subtle rotations reminiscent of classical window displays, serve as catalysts for contemplation on the profound significance of consumer culture. Viewers are treated to a harmonious fusion of commonplace items and iconic Balenciaga products, expertly reimagined in Greene's evocative and thought-provoking style.

Hailing from the vibrant city of Los Angeles, Greene's art delves deep into the intricacies of vernacular commodity culture, inviting audiences to explore the profound meaning and ideology embedded within everyday objects.

This collaborative endeavour not only enhances Balenciaga's aesthetic allure but also fosters enriching dialogue at the intersection of art, fashion, and broader cultural discourse.

Pictures courtesy of Balenciaga.



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