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In conversation with Samm Lloyd, Founder of IPOS.

Samm launched IPOS in 2005 drawing from his extensive experience on both the client and agency fronts. Like any dedicated founder, he's worn numerous hats throughout the years, but today, his primary focus lies in guiding the agency's global clients towards understanding and achieving their objectives.

For Samm, the past few months have marked some of the most thrilling developments in nearly two decades for the business with the introduction of our four key pillars: IGNITE, CREATE, ENGAGE, and ACTIVATE.

SDD: With the recent unveiling of IPOS's next chapter of creativity and innovation, could you share the inspiration behind restructuring the agency around the four key pillars of IGNITE, CREATE, ENGAGE, and ACTIVATE, and how this approach enhances your services for clients?

SL: We have realised that we have the potential to go deeper with our existing clients and start the conversation at a much earlier stage that is what IGNITE is all about. It means that we can offer a truly end to end service offering with ENGAGE, our talent management and content creator pillar, complementing that journey too.


Schuh x Crocs Mega Crush Activation


SDD: The acquisition of Field Management underscores IPOS's dedication to bridging the gap between brands and digital content creators. How do you envision this synergy transforming the landscape of influencer marketing and brand collaborations?

SL: The acquisition of Field Management means that IPOS can now provide brands with a 360 approach to their marketing strategies and seamlessly bridge the gap between their in store activations and online influencer campaigns. Influencer marketing is an essential pillar to any brands marketing strategy to enable a brand to put their products into the pockets of millions of potential buyers. IPOS can now assist brands in really harnessing and leveraging the power of social media.


SDD: As the founder of IPOS, what motivated you to redefine the agency's services and operational structure? How do you believe these changes will position IPOS to not only meet but exceed the evolving needs and expectations of its clients in the years to come?

SL: As you said in the question our client’s needs are constantly evolving and we need to be agile enough to evolve and grow with them. If we stand still to take a breath we will lose ground. IPOS have always been an innovative and progressive agency and this move is testament to that. Our clients are paramount in our continued success and so their needs have to not only be met but exceeded on a daily basis.

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SDD: With Tim Nash joining as Head of IGNITE, bringing a wealth of experience in strategy, research, and insights, how will this expertise enhance IPOS's ability to provide comprehensive support and insights for clients navigating the dynamic retail landscape?

SL: I have been a fan of Tim from afar for quite a while and so to bring him onboard was a bit of a dream come true. I have two boys, who are both football mad, and my youngest likened it to Real Madrid signing Kylian Mbappe, an analogy that I am very cool with.

Just in the last two months his insight and retail expertise has surpassed what I was expecting. His knowledge is benefitting the team on a daily basis and the opportunities with both existing and new clients are really exciting.

The retail landscape is dynamic, as you said, and constantly evolving, Tim’s insight and expertise will guide and complement perfectly our team to help deliver the most innovative and exciting campaigns, moments and experiences for our clients.


SDD: In her role as Head of ENGAGE, Izzy Field is poised to play a crucial role in uniting brands and content creators to amplify campaigns. How do you anticipate this integration will elevate the effectiveness of brand engagement strategies, particularly in the digital realm?

SL: Social media is such a fast moving landscape and, today more then ever, brands need to ensure they are aligning themselves with the RIGHT social media influencers and engaging their audiences in fresh and exciting ways. We now have our finger on the pulse with the newest and most up to date approaches that are working (and not working!) with both the algorithms and social media communities. Izzy has the knowledge and experience to provide brands with unique and engaging strategies to amplify and elevate their social media campaigns so that the audience don’t just scroll past another “#ad”. That “Scroll stopping” content is what we help brands achieve with their influencer marketing.

New Balance x End 40 Years of Made In UK Activation


SDD: You've mentioned a focus on working at a deeper level with clients. How does the new strategic direction of the agency align with this objective, and what advantages can clients expect from this approach?

SL: This really excites me and is something that we’ve been keen to get going on for a while now. The new structure puts the right people in place to help deliver this new strategic direction.

I feel like this is an exciting prospect for our clients to be able to tap into this expertise and also benefit from having one touch point for the life span of a project. We have always run the agency with complete accountability, it’s something that we are well known for, and so to take a project from inception to completion takes the multiple agency model stresses away.

Birkenstock Summer Campaign


SDD: Given the swiftly evolving consumer behaviours and preferences, how does IPOS adapt its approach to maintain a forward-thinking stance and deliver innovative solutions that deeply resonate with target audiences?

SL: We view the constantly evolving consumer landscape as a chance to innovate and maintain a competitive edge. Through close collaboration with our partner brands, we glean invaluable insights into their audiences', enabling us to develop solutions that truly connect. Our passion lies in pushing boundaries, disrupting norms, and delivering experiences that surpass expectations, ensuring our work shines in the fast-paced marketplace of today.

Office x New Balance 2002R Roadshow


SDD: The retail landscape has witnessed significant shifts in consumer behaviour. How is IPOS adapting to these changes to remain at the forefront of emerging trends while consistently delivering pioneering solutions for your clients?

SL: In a constantly changing retail landscape, we really understand the need to adapt to evolving consumer behaviours to keep our brand clients ahead of the game. Rather than merely reacting, we're actively pioneering innovations. Our focus is on empowering the brands we work with to embrace this new and exciting moment that the industry is facing and challenge some of those traditional ways of thinking.

Samm is the Founder of IPOS.

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