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Hermes Le Monde d’Hermès Pop-Up Kiosk, Galleria Mall Abu Dhabi.

SDD24/06_01: Step into the enchanting world of Hermès at the Promenade Galleria Mall in Abu Dhabi promoting the brand's latest Le Monde d’Hermès magazine, showcasing the enduring spirit of invention and creativity from one of the world's oldest fashion houses.

This immersive experience is a rare opportunity for visitors to physically explore the diverse Hermès universe through captivating collection conversations, all presented in the biannual magazine founded in 1973.

As part of a global tour, the Hermès kiosk has previously delighted audiences in Prague, Kuwait, Strasbourg, Lisbon, London, Istanbul, and Hanoi.

Located on the beachfront of Al Maryah Island, the kiosk offers more than a visual feast, delivering interactive entertainment, unique crafts, tropical botanical treats, and musical performances.

Pictures courtesy of Galleria Mall



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