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Sainsbury's 'Sainsfreeze' Boxpark Pop-Up, Shoreditch London.


Sainsbury's 'Sainsfreeze' Boxpark Pop-Up, Shoreditch London.

Super Chilled.

Ruth Cranston, director of corporate responsibility and sustainability at Sainsbury’s, said of the project: “When people think about climate change, food waste often gets overlooked. “Around a third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted and it contributes a whopping eight to 10 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions globally each year. “That is why we are launching Sainsfreeze, to help customers try and combat food waste and learn handy hints and top tips along the way. “Innovative freezing not only allows us to save food we would otherwise have thrown away, but also to buy reduced priced food close to its use-by date, saving even more money on the weekly grocery bill.”

Pictures courtesy of Sainsbury.

Read more about the project here.



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