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In conversation with top retail influencer and Shop Drop curator, Tim Nash.

SDD: So how did your journey as a top retail influencer and curator of ShopDropDaily begin? What inspired you to create a platform dedicated to showcasing the best retail store concepts and shop environments globally?

TN: Throughout my career, I've been lucky enough to have worked with brands at the forefront of the ever-changing retail landscape and witnessed firsthand the transformative power captivating store concepts have on customer experiences. After seeing much negativity about an industry I loved, I wanted to provide a platform that defied this notion and highlighted the awe-inspiring physical brand concepts out there that were greatly inspiring me in my everyday work.

Jacquemus Le Bleu Pop-Up, Selfridges Oxford Street


SDD: With your extensive experience in the visual merchandising and retail display industry, how do you think the retail landscape has evolved over the past two decades? Are there any specific trends that have stood out to you?

TN: Over the past two decades, the retail landscape has undergone a seriously remarkable transformation, with an increasing emphasis on immersive and experiential shopping environments, blurring the lines between physical and digital retail, all being underpinned with a growing focus on sustainability and purpose-driven design.

Moncler 'Extraordinary Expedition' Experience, Japan.


SDD: As someone who has worked with major brands, could you share some insights into the key elements that make a retail space successful and engaging for customers?

TN: For me, the key elements that make a successful and engaging physical space are all focused on delivering compelling storytelling within a brand-relevant environment. Things such as Instagrammable moments, seamless integration of technology, thoughtful product placement, a strong emphasis on creating personalised and memorable experiences all need to be considered as part of the design journey.

An Immersive Barbieland for Zara NYC by Random Studio.


SDD: Shop Drop Daily features daily drops of innovative retail experiences. How do you discover and curate these unique concepts? What criteria do you use to select the most captivating ones?

TN: At SDD I discover a vast plethora of concepts thanks to my network of industry experts, far too many hours of research, and collaborations with agencies. I want the information to be as up-to-date as possible so I am always on the lookout for the hottest drops that fit criteria such as creativity, uniqueness, customer experience, and overall visual appeal to ensure I am presenting the most inspiring projects for our audience.

Dior Dioriviera Pop-Up Store Concept.


SDD: In today's digital age, how do you believe brick-and-mortar stores can differentiate themselves and offer memorable experiences to customers, especially in the face of increasing online retail competition?

TN: Physical environments are key for brands to communicate and engage with their audience IRL. It's all about elevating the experience by leveraging technology to enhance interactions, offering personalised services, and fostering a strong sense of community to create a reason to visit.

Fendi Cafe, Harrods Knightsbridge


SDD: Visual merchandising plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers. Could you share some best practices and tips for retailers looking to enhance their store displays and create a captivating shopping environment?

TN: It's all about maintaining a cohesive theme, bringing to life the story physically, and inspiring and educating the consumer. The role of VM is not just to make it look good but to engage and ultimately sell! Visual should constantly evolve and excite through the use of eye-catching focal statements, relevant lighting and considered product placement.

Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kusama Pop-Up Space, NYC


SDD: With your experience as a retail influencer, what advice would you give to aspiring creatives looking to make a mark in the retail industry and gain recognition for their unique concepts?

TN: For me it's always about staying true to your vision, ensuring you innovate and think out-of-the box. Take full advantage of the power of social media (and Shop Drop Daily) to share your ideas and projects along with any networking opportunities that come your way (definitely get onto LinkedIn). Everyone is much more open to collaboration these days so don't be afraid to reach out to like-minded individuals, agencies, and brands to showcase your ideas and talents to a wider audience.


Tim is a LinkedIn Top Voice and Rethink Retail Top Influencer.

Alongside curating Shop Drop Daily he is Chief Thinker of iiiF

and Creative Director at Wild VC.

Click below to learn more about him and his experience.


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