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Bottega Veneta New Store Opening, Cancun Mexico.

SDD24/22_02: Bottega Veneta has unveiled a new boutique on the prestigious Kukulkan Boulevard in Cancun.

Spanning 349 square meters, the store showcases Matthieu Blazy's 2024 summer collection, featuring iconic Bottega Veneta leather pieces, jewellery, accessories, ready-to-wear items, shoes, sunglasses, and exclusive Sardine bags in various shades.

The boutique's architecture draws inspiration from Mediterranean coastal design, seamlessly blending Venetian marble plaster with Palladian terrazzo stone slabs, reminiscent of grand Mediterranean villas.

This focus on Italian materials and craftsmanship reflects the brand's Venetian heritage. Inside, teak wood elements and white terracotta tiles add texture and warmth, enhancing the shopping experience without overshadowing the collections.

Pictures courtesy of Bottega Veneta.



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