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Jo Malone 'Island Holiday' Flash Event, Shanghai Zhang Garden China.

SDD24/26_02: Experience Jo Malone's "Island Holiday" flash event at Shanghai's Zhang Garden for a limited time.

This immersive event transforms a corner of Shanghai into a tropical paradise, complete with refreshing sea breezes and vibrant island vibes.

Visitors can follow the scent of "Snow Pomelo" to instantly switch to vacation mode under the 28°C pomelo shade, dive into the essence of "Yellow Hibiscus" by the beach where the cool sea air invigorates the senses, and relax with the "Sunlight Custard Apple" as the golden sun dries away worries, offering a dose of emotional vitamins.

The holiday ambiance is sweetened with delightful Venchi ice cream treats.

Pictures courtesy of Jo Malone and Shanghai Zhang Garden.



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