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Lounge Underwear Store Concept, Westfield White City London.

SDD41_01: Lounge Underwear Store Concept, Westfield White City London.

The new Lounge store concept at Westfield White City, London, is a true embodiment of luxury and comfort, redefining the shopping experience with a range of distinctive features such as the introduction of assisted shopping, a pioneering concept in the lingerie industry, and the provision of a breastfeeding safe space, promoting inclusivity and comfort for all.

The interior design reflects Lounge's motto, 'Comfort Made Sexy,' with 'comfort through curvature' evident throughout. Stepping inside, the archways, circular ceiling lights, and curved display pillars create a soft and inviting atmosphere with the combination of natural woods and contemporary concrete textures striking a balance between a cosy, homely feel and the youthful spirit of its audience.

Lighting plays a significant role in the store's design, contributing to 'The Lounge Glow,' referencing how the brand's products make women feel. Glowing lights emanate from the store, drawing customers in from the outside, while the soft and subtle lighting in the fitting rooms enhances the whole shopping experience.

Technology is in evidence throughout with digital screens showcasing every product being worn by different body types, allowing customers to envision their own fit. Enhancing the service element, the store has been designed to be cashless, whilst there is a seamless click-and-collect offering, along with every purchase presented beautifully gift-wrapped.

In keeping with the brand's commitment to a premium experience, minimal products are displayed throughout, fostering an atmosphere of luxury with store assistants readily available to assist customers in their purchase, ensuring that comfort and style intersect seamlessly.

Pictures courtesy of Lounge.



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