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Miss Dior Avenue Immersive Pop-Up Space, Melrose Avenue Los Angeles.

SDD24/10_04: Experience the revival of Miss Dior in Los Angeles with an immersive pop-up space presented by the iconic French house.

Created by Francis Kurkdjian, the installation is a celebration of the perfume's rich history.

Inspired by the words of Christian Dior and the essence of the South of France, the curated activation pays homage to the original bouquet's signature scent, enhanced with fruity notes of strawberry, peach, and apricot.

The immersive experience, titled Miss Dior Avenue, occupies a 4,400-square-foot space on Melrose Avenue, recreating a 1960s city street in a statement pink hue.

Featuring a Miss Dior Cinema, Flower Shop, and Café, the exclusive installation embodies the youthful and optimistic spirit of the fragrance itself.

Pictures courtesy of WWD.



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