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Short Sentence x Charles & Keith Paper Shredder Pop-Up Installation, Shenzhen Vientiane World China.

SDD24/10_02: Embark on a sensory journey at the exclusive joint pop-up installation space by Charles & Keith and Chinese designer brand Short Sentence in Shenzhen Vientiane World.

This immersive experience seamlessly translates the shredder concept from the brands collaboration campaign video into a captivating activation.

Adorned with blue and green striped visual elements, the machine extends across the plaza floor filling Shenzhen Vientiane World with a lively spring creative.

As part of the interactive experience, visitors can participate in limited gift redemption by scanning the unique QR code to receive exclusive product merchandise.

Pictures courtesy of Short Sentence.

1 comment

1 Comment

Davies Ng
Davies Ng
Mar 21

Awesome ! I'm interested to know how the "shredded strips" on the floor can be shortened as seen in the images above. Thought they are some kind of paint or outdoor sticker material. Thanks in advance.

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