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Tiffany & Co. Damien Hirst Cherry Blossom Exterior Installation, 160 Northeast 40th Street Miami.

SDD24/18_05: Experience the magic of Tiffany & Co. at their new location in the vibrant Miami Design District. Situated at 160 Northeast 40th Street, this two-story retail haven spans 4,000 square feet, featuring airy selling floors seamlessly intertwined with private salons.

Echoing the iconic Fifth Avenue flagship, the space introduces Tiffany & Co.'s latest design concept to Miami. It boasts custom-made works by renowned artists, an exclusive jewellery collection, and captivating immersive video displays.

Celebrating its inauguration, the store presents a limited-time facade adorned with a stunning floral artwork by Damien Hirst. This masterpiece, bursting with vibrant blooms, invites visitors into the world of Tiffany & Co., embodying the brand's rich legacy of artistic ingenuity and innovation. Hirst's design captivates with its dense, brightly coloured blossoms, enveloping guests in a mesmerising floral wonderland

Pictures courtesy of Marcus Maitland-Price via LinkedIn.



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