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Arabica Coffee & Louis Vuitton Collaboration Pop-Up Kiosk, Cube 798 Art District Beijing China.

SDD24/28_04: Experience the fusion of travel and coffee at Louis Vuitton's "Beijing Style" limited-time space, open at the Cube, 798 Art District.

This unique collaboration with Arabiaca Coffee invites visitors to savour the new flavours of summer, explore a curated city guide, and embark on a literary journey.

After extensive cooperation and meticulous planning, Louis Vuitton and Arabiaca present a harmonious blend of their philosophies: "Life itself is a journey" and "See the world through coffee."

This partnership celebrates a shared commitment to quality, world exploration, and aesthetic discovery, offering a rich, immersive experience of Beijing's vibrant culture.

Pictures courtesy of Arabiaca Coffee.



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