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Cafe Kitsune Barista Fox Takeover Pop-Up, Dubai.

SDD24/08_05: Experience the enchantment of Café Kitsuné's transformed ambiance in Al Safa as it welcomes its latest character, the Barista Fox, offering a fresh perspective on the renowned French coffee shop.

The establishment has undergone a charming makeover with a delightful matcha-green and white design reminiscent of its Parisian roots with the introduction of the Barista Fox aiming to elevate Cafe Kitsuné's as a socially shareable space.

The limited-time pop-up not only features a statement setting but also presents exclusive merchandise and a delectable array of matcha-inspired dishes and beverages.

Visitors can delight in the taste of the signature Kitsuné Matcha from Uji, Japan, integrated into new lattés, pastries, and desserts with the Barista Fox-themed merchandise including sweatshirts, t-shirts, tote bags, baseball caps, ceramics, and tumblers, showcasing the brand's fashion prowess from its parent Maison Kitsuné.

Pictures courtesy of Cafe Kitsune / Instagram.



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